Lockers will be rented during third period in either the first or second week of school. The locker rental fee is $2.00 and all rentals must be paid in cash. Students may not bring locks from home to secure their lockers. All lockers are school property, and subject to search at any time. Students should be prepared to carry all materials with them during the first week of school.


Student Handbook

Every student will be issued a Student Handbook during homeroom. County policies will be reviewed and explained at this time.

Students are required to present their copy of the handbook to their parents so they can read the rules, policies and procedures that govern student behavior in all Hillsborough County Public Schools.

NOTE: Parents are required to sign the card found in the handbook and return it by way of your child to his/her homeroom teacher.

You can view the Hillsborough County Student Handbook (when updated) online at the SDHC Website


Dress Code

The dress and grooming of students shall be that which contributes to the health and safety of the individual and which is non-disruptive of the educational activities and processes of a school. The definition of appropriate dress shall vary with the age of the student, the program of instruction, and the heating/cooling system of the building.

Students have the right: to dress as they choose as long as their dress meets the approved dress and grooming regulations, does not disrupt school activities, is not obscene or defamatory, and does not endanger the physical health or safety of themselves or others.

Students have the responsibility: to dress and groom in such a manner so as to reflect cleanliness, modesty, safety and good taste; become familiar with and adhere to approved dress and grooming regulations of the School Board of Hillsborough County.

Sixth – Twelfth Grades

  • Shoes shall be worn. Skate tennis shoes and bedroom slippers are unacceptable and not allowed.
  • Clothing that exposes the entire shoulder, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or similar type of clothing may only be worn with a blouse or shirt. Clothing exposing the torso or the midriff, either front, back, or sides shall not be worn. Underwear shall not be visible.
  • Clothing shall not expose the mid-chest area. Clothing not properly fastened or with tears that are indecent shall not be worn.
  • Clothing traditionally designed as undergarments or sleepwear shall not be worn as outer garments. All pants and shorts shall be secured at the waist. Boys’ shirts shall have sleeves. Mini-skirts, mini-dresses, and short shorts shall not be permitted. Hemlines shall be no shorter than fingertip length.
  • Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. Head coverings shall not be worn in the building unless required for religious observance or health-related reasons.
  • Garments and/or jewelry that display or suggest sexual, vulgar, drug, gang, weapons, or alcohol-related wording or graphics, or that provoke or may tend to provoke violence or disruption in the school, shall not be worn. Wallet chains shall not be worn.


Student Medications

Students are not permitted to bring medications to school unless approved by a medical doctor. The school clinic does not provide any medications or treatments without a doctor’s note, and a signed authorization form. This includes medications like Benadryl, Tylenol, Motrin, Neosporin, and cortisone cream.

Parents are permitted to bring their student’s medication to school and administer the medication as needed. If a student has a chronic condition that requires medication at school, the parent can bring the medication to the clinic with a doctor’s note or Rx with instructions for administration. This includes over-the-counter meds.

Please see Angelina Mills, RN, our school nurse, for any medication issues at school.