We all have questions and need direction to make sure our students are on the right path! Here are some helpful tips that we have picked up from the Guidance Department and from seasoned parents. Have something to contribute? Drop us a line at tips@newsomehighschoolptsa.org and we will add it! 

Deciding what courses to take can be a daunting experience. Planning is a must! One of the best ways to gain insight is to actually look at what colleges require, recommend and in some cases, what they want you to avoid. You may be surprised at what you find! Here is just a sampling of some schools suggestions and requirements. If you know which schools you are interested in applying to – check out their websites for more specific information!

Progression Plan

What are quality points? How are final grades determined? How do semester exams, AP exams and EOCs work in? What grades will colleges see? Answers to all your grading questions and more can be found here!

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Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is designed to provide you with the expectations for student behavior in all of our schools. Learn the role you play in helping to ensure your student reaches his/her fullest potential.