by: Kennedy Ginaitt, Sophomore

Every spring Relay for Life is hosted by the American Cancer Society in many areas across the US. Every year Newsome High School hosts this event in the hopes of raising money for the cause. The event is an 18 hour relay in which people of the community gather and raise money to fight cancer. This year Newsome’s sophomore council wanted to get a head start in campaigning for the cause.
The kick off day for the fundraising was September 27th hosted by the Sunflower Café on Lithia. The student council gathered at the restaurant and took pictures with the staff, and thanked the restaurant for their generous donation to the cause. The Sunflower Café contributed a portion of their sales to the group and will, no doubt, help with the fundraising immensely. Throughout the day, as families gathered, they enjoyed food, all while helping fight a terrible disease. TNT Smoothies and the Scrambled Egg in Fishhawk are also contributing to the cause and donated a portion of their sales.
The help from all of the restaurants over the course of the week was greatly appreciated by the members of the council, and by the relay hosted by The American Cancer Society. All the help will support the fight of the disease this event is dedicated to beating.
* Vernessa Neu, a 9th and 12th grade English teacher is the advisor to the Sophomore Council. Sophomore Council has 35 esteemed members who work hard in the school and the community.