The Newsome Wolfpack Marching Band & Colorguard represented their school, county and state in the 90th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this year, held in New York City and they sent this message to share their thoughts with us:

“As the band and colorguard prepare for their national broadcast debut, they want everyone – our families, our friends, fellow students, staff and administration, and our community – to know how grateful we are for the tremendous support we have received since the announcement in April 2015.  While our musicians and our booster association has been tirelessly fundraising and increasing our public profile, you have all responded with unprecedented support.  We want our friends and family to know that when we put on our uniforms, and hit the streets of New York, instruments in hand, banner proudly displayed, we represent not only the band – but our entire Newsome community.  We will proudly represent our school, our county, and our great state of Florida in this time-honored tradition, in front of hundreds of thousands of people on the ground, and millions more in the broadcast audience.

It has been a long road, filled with countless hours of rehearsal, sweat, tears, and sheer will.  We have pounded the pavement on our Driver’s Ed lot, literally melting the soles of our shoes.  We know the route between the stadium and band room well enough to do it with our eyes closed, and know every nook and cranny in our auditorium, and music practice rooms.  We have packed up our things late on a Friday night after football games, only to catch a few hours of sleep and return first thing on Saturday morning for more practice.
We couldn’t have come this far without the support of our school and community. So when you see us begin at 77th St. and Central Park West at 9:00am, marching the 2.6 mile route, and hitting our mark at Herald Square, performing our medley of sunshine related songs, know we take each step for all of us – showing our Wolfpack pride with every note, every breath.  We couldn’t be more excited and more proud!”

If you missed it live, here are a few videos: