AP Exams

AP Testing will begin Monday, May 1 and conclude Friday, May 12. Any student participating in AP Testing should bring a regular #2 pencil (not mechanical), a pen with dark blue or black ink, and a light snack.

– Late arriving students will be prohibited from entering the testing room once test instructions have begun.
– Students MUST NOT bring their cell phones to their AP exams. Proctors will not be collecting them as in years past. If your student is caught with a phone, even during the break, they will be dismissed from the exam and their exam will not count. All students will leave the exam room at the exact same time, regardless of when they finish, so they won’t need to call parents for a ride earlier. If there are questions, please have your student speak to guidance.
– Book bags, purses or other items should not be brought into the exam room.

book bags, or other electronic devices should not be brought into the testing rooms. Students should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to testing; 7:45 for the morning test or 11:45 for the afternoon test. Any teacher can help a student find their testing room and students may also stop into guidance, if they need any help.

Testing rooms for AP Testing have been added to the Guidance webpage – CLICK HERE to view.


Final Exam Schedule

Mon, May 22nd Pd. 8 exam full day schedule (2:00 Dismissal)
Tues, May 23rd Pd. 1 then Pd.2 exams (11:45 Dismissal)
Wed, May 24th Pd. 3 then Pd. 4 exams(11:45 Dismissal)
Thurs, May 25th Pd. 7 then Pd. 5 exams (11:45 Dismissal)
Fri, May 26th Pd. 6 exams (9:33 Dismissal)

Exam Bell Schedule
7:33 – 9:33 Exam
9:33 – 9:45 Break (Sack lunches will be available before school)
9:45 – 11:45 Exam
11:45 Dismissal

Exam Make-Up: Tuesday May 30th at 7:33 a.m. in the auditorium.
All make-up exams MUST be pre-approved through Student Affairs.


Senior Exam Schedule

Exams will be administered for seniors on:

May 10th (Pd. 1- 7:30, Pd. 2-9:30, Pd. 3-11:30)
May 11th (Pd. 7- 7:30, Pd. 8-9:30, Pd. 6- 11:30)
May 12th (Pd. 4 & 5-7:30) in the auditorium.

Approved make-up exams will be administered on Monday, May 15th at 7:30 in the auditorium (if necessary).