Not quite sure what to do in Car Line?

Here’s the car line route to help drop-off and pick-up at Newsome go smoothly and safely. As always, please be courteous to other drivers at all times.


Newsome car line route is a counter-clockwise loop starting and ending at the Randall MS and Fishhawk Blvd. traffic light. Students may be dropped off at the front of Newsome no earlier than 7:00 am by turning at the traffic light at Randall MS and Fishhawk Blvd. and then turning right to access Newsome’s front parking lot loop. (BLUE LINE ON THE MAP).

For the safety of our students, please stop in the lane closest to the school building to allow your student to depart the vehicle safely. Have your student ready to exit the vehicle when you stop as any prolonged idle time will delay other vehicles from exiting and cause unnecessary backups. For afternoon pickup, park in the lane closest to the school building.

Please do not let students out in the inner loop for any reason. The inner loop is for moving outgoing traffic, emergency vehicles and Newsome visitors who are parking. (RED LINE ON MAP)

When exiting Newsome property, ALL traffic must turn right in the Randall parking lot and then continue straight toward the Randall cafeteria. Vehicles will then proceed into the proper turning lanes for the Fishhawk Blvd. traffic light. (ON MAP: YELLOW LINE FOR WESTBOUND AND ORANGE LINE FOR EASTBOUND).

Please note that the Buses Only signs at RMS are there to direct middle school traffic during RMS school hours. If you are dropping off between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, please use the RMS center parking lot lane to access Fishhawk Blvd turning lanes.

NO PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC signs are located at the entrance and exit of the Newsome car line from the Randall parking lot. These will be strictly enforced and citations will be issued to violators. Citations will also be issued to those who do not stop at the stop signs entering and leaving Newsome property.