Students are required to attend all scheduled classes, including homeroom, unless otherwise excused by proper school authorities.

Student Absent Verification Procedure:

When a student is absent for any reason, the parent or guardian must call ON or BEFORE the day(s) of the absence. The attendance line for Newsome is 813-740-4600 (press 1).

Please include the following information when calling to report an absence for your student:

  • Student’s complete name
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Caller’s name and relation to student
  • Telephone number where caller can be reached for verification

If no phone calls to excuse the absence are received within 24 hours after the student returns to school, the absence will be recorded as UNEXCUSED. Excessive absences may require medical and/or legal documentation in order to be excused.

Please also note that an automated call will be sent to the phone number(s) on the emergency card to verify that you are aware of your child’s absence. If you receive one of these calls and you have already called the attendance line, no other action is required. Please do not call the office to reconfirm the absence as the Student Affairs office has no control over the automated phone system.